If you’re here to get all geared up for the latest party anthems, your’re at the wrong place. Because shit’s gonna go real now!

You know what I’m tryna talk about, right? Songs these days are more of a noise than the actual, real music!

I mean, no offence to all the fangirls/guys out there, but some artists are just not worth all the fame they really have.

C’mon, we all know we listen to every song on the radio and each and every person reading this post knows the lyrics to Hit The Quan! We all know the truth, y’all.. *Unless you’re a geek or goth or anti-social pessimist or maybe just a non-song lover LMAO*

But back to the point, what does the lyrics even mean these days?

Lets have a look at some instances, shall we?

Grab your popcorn, sit on the couch, get all comfy, pause that damn Netflix episode of Orange Is The New Black you watchin’ and lets get things listed!

First up is the very very popular and most known song of this generation probably. I present to you, *drum roll*, Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae.

“Now watch me Whip

Now watch me Nae Nae….

Ooh watch me, watch ,me”

Yeah bruh, we’re all free here, we ain’t got no job here. We finna come and see you and some kindergarten girl hit that step. Sure.

Haha no offence y’all. TBH, that song’s a part of my weird dance routine and I freakin’ enjoy it anyways. Though its pretty weird to know that the lyrics are actually really dumb!

Coming to the next song, we have Bitch, I’m Madonna

What I got from all these things she does in the video is kiss a lot/spank/shower in a bathtub with another girl at the party/invite, like, four to five kids at this dirty-ass party for the intro/drink like you got no chill/get laid.

And coming to the lyrics, may i present to you the very beautiful, magical words.

“We go hard or we go home,

We gon’ do this all night long

We get freaky if you want

Bitch I’m Madonna”

Umm, what are we supposed to do about that?

Anyway, the next one on my list is Pretty Girls. *Sings in typical blonde accent*

Okay what are you even tryna show? Pretty Girls make boys a slave or something? Here’s a part of the lyric:

“All around the world pretty girls

Wipe the floor with all the boys

Pour the drinks, bring the noise

We’re just so pretty!”

Well, let that explain the whole thing!

I mean, real talk, it sounds like a typical Mean Girls movie shortened into a song. Are you forreal?!

Next up is I Really Like You

Okay, hear me up. Any song having one word repeating for like a billion times in just 2 minutes has to be on the list! This song makes me wanna shove an earbud in my ear right away. Because at times, this song can be really, really, really,really, really, really annoying! *See what I did there?!* *Wink wink*

This next song is actually my jam! I’ve been obsessed with it for a while now. But sometimes, my inner Aristotle wakes up and makes me think about how these lyrics came to this lady’s mind!

This song’s called Good For You

First things first, ORGASM SOUNDS. Like, umm what? People like to hear your breath? Or hear you outta breath? WHAT ON EARTH?!?!

Next in this song that i find really funny is the lyrics!

“I’m on my 14 carats

I’m 14 carat”

Hey, bruh, decide what you’re doing! Are you on your 14 carats? Or are you 14 carat. Ummmmm?! *Awkwarrrdddd*

Also, is it just me or her voice is so Auto-Tuned that it sounds like she’s saying “I’m a farting carrot”

But even though I speak all this shit about these songs, somewhere down the line, I respect all the artists and the talents they’ve got (except for writing magical, heart-touching lyrics like these).

Furthermore, this post was truly meant to be for entertainment only. There was no intention to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

And for all the people out there who might call me judgmental or a hater, Bitch, I’M MADONNA! (jk)

So, that’s pretty much it! Hope you had some entertaining minutes. Thank you for straining your eyes at your gadget to read this shiz. And now, you may go back to Netflix 😀