Does it bother you
that we barely even talk?
Can things go back to
those winter morn walks?

I made out of myself-
this strange melancholic mess
Checking my notifications always
doesn’t make the agony any less

Bitter pills and misery
is what I chose
Seems like I am just down with
writing this prose

One lazy Monday
From somewhere out of the blues
My mobile pops up
With texts of you

I jumped and freaked and fell on my couch
when my head hurt the lamp ~ “ouch!”
But little did I sense the pain
with this hustle and frenzy all over again.

But suddenly, before I could reply,
scrutiny of the utter world passes by
Buzzing hard like a Bumble Bee
in my brains; I now clearly see!

Threw my phone away on that chair
realizing I was the one you came in despair
Do I lie low for a flash in the pan?
Nah, son. Grow up, be a man!


Must’ve been Roses, Must’ve been Thorns. 

Must’ve been Roses, Must’ve been Thorns. 

​Found myself confounded

with thoughts of you that wounded
every little piece of my riven heart.

I wasn’t no emo she;
Never thought I’d ever be
driven by the curve of lips when you smiled.

Talking about adored movies
and favourite tv shows of yours.
Me, loved that spark like newbies;
fell hard for you, that’s for sure

Cool chic, with a crook in a hood
~ a pair beyond compare
Little did I know. I think I should
have known my worst nightmare.

They say when you fall
you rise higher!
Good Lord what did I miss
did I become a pire?

He clawed open the now-empty-body
and feasted upon all the feels
and chills he gave me;
I was still head over heels.

Broke a little realizing I made a mistake,
shouldn’t have kept my love for sale.
But now, even the thought of love
made me sick and pale





Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have been one.

Feels so wrong, not saying what I feel.

Not being a critter of emotions.

Loving you was like admiring the North Star. But expressing it was harder than finding a tear in the ocean.


Something I’ve invariably been. The core of my spirit.

I wish.

I wish I would’ve been good with words, not a shy skimp.

I wish I could tell you that you were the ultimate destination I had in my map.

Oh, how I wish you would’ve been here with me now.

I wish.