Another day, Another show.

The red seats start to fill up slowly, then all at once. Children and their candies, women with their gossips, and men with their caps & sticks gradually lighten up the null auditorium.
Coats and jewels take up the darkness.
Spotlights, check.
Stage backdrops, check.
Sound, check.
And the precious little thing stands still on the stage ~
Time passes by, moment after moment, as the ladies oscillate their fans in the air.
I wait for it. For the beginning of something that either might take my life or give me a new one.
As the room packs up; my excitement turns into intensity and curiosity. The future had always been unpredictable, but at this moment, I’m certain that another adventure awaits for me.
In no time, I’m on stage. Big, royal coat, skinny leather pants and my big, brown hair appear to be glossy under the limelight.
Another day, another show.
Chained, my hand go numb..

~To Be Continued~


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