An escape from the reality.

Down there in the lost land, away from the city, I sit back with my best companion. Book.

The feeling of nothingness and everything all together cuts out the world from us as each word goes by, possessing my soul, here and now.

Swirling with the wind, like a red wine glass in a Frenchman’s hands, I sip in the words through the doorway of my paradise.

The unheard music plays.

Dancing past the point of no return, twirling through sunflowers, as they glow and burn.

Nothing stops me, I’m free. To discover, to explore the skies and blues. To imagine, to create.

The charismatic aroma of the old paper from the book, filling every space of my body as I inhale.

Setting sun, pixie mist, twinkling lights of the small dots in the sky.

Alone and bold, with my companion. Drunk in Words.

The unheard music plays.



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