Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have been one.

Feels so wrong, not saying what I feel.

Not being a critter of emotions.

Loving you was like admiring the North Star. But expressing it was harder than finding a tear in the ocean.


Something I’ve invariably been. The core of my spirit.

I wish.

I wish I would’ve been good with words, not a shy skimp.

I wish I could tell you that you were the ultimate destination I had in my map.

Oh, how I wish you would’ve been here with me now.

I wish.


6 thoughts on “Delinquency

  1. Yea… Introvert doeant really mean meek and quiet…. it means it takes more time for you to open up because you just don’t like to serve everything out on a silver platter. You make sure the one you trust is worth the the stories you share.

    Anyway, wonderfull poems…. both of them and I personally love it! Try putting them up in competitions online and you might end up winning something….

    Love yah!


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