Aye, I’m Aakanksha. Indian.

Not making the’About’ page too mainstream, I’d love to mention that if y’all like the stuff I write or think that i suck at literature (which I do) , do let me know!

Alright let’s get this straight, I’m not one of those professional bloggers, I just post the stuff I write to express things I can’t to people.

So I’m a lot into reading, love mystery. And I do kinda have my head in Indian Classical Dances, a bit with the Western Dances too.  Travel enthusiast, and I kinda like clicking pictures. Introvert.

Keep supporting, and I’ll keep writing my stupid stuff, haha. ( That wasn’t even funny but k whatever .-. )

Soooo, yeah! Happy reading? 🦄

Toodles 👐

*Self promotion beginnsss*

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14 thoughts on “Namastey

  1. Jay Swaminarayan. Wish you happy new year. Praying for you, your family. May Bhagwan Swaminarayan, Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Param Pujya Mahant Swami Maharaj shower divine blessings up on you and your family.


  2. Just one word for your writing skills, AMAZING👏👏. Your vocabulary is awesome👌 . Kudos to you for creating exquisite imagery with your words. Just keep on writing more.
    P.s-. The stuff you write is not moronic. And I don’t think that you suck at literature.


    1. this took me by surprise. i won’t say i write that well, but i try! 😛
      much love, hun. all your words mean more than the world to me 🙂
      It is always great to know that my juniors show enthusiasm in literature… thanks again! ❤


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